Settlement-Related Changes

Changes are coming to some PAR Standard Forms as a result of the NAR settlement. Understand and comply with new rules being implemented and how they may affect your business and working with clients. PAR Chief Legal Officer Hank Lerner and Associate Counsel Kacy Clouser will discuss the changes and how to implement these revised forms in your daily business.

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The 2024 Forms Update Comprehensive Guidelines document is referenced throughout the webinar. It explains changes to several forms that were made as a result of the NAR settlement agreement and answers many frequently asked questions.

Please review these guidelines thoroughly and discuss questions with your broker BEFORE contacting the PAR Legal Hotline with any questions.

Standard Forms Updates

Call LettersForm NameRelease Date
Guidelines2024 Forms Update Comprehensive GuidelinesJuly 1, 2024
ASCAgreement of Sale for Commercial Real EstateAug. 1, 2024
ASRStandard Agreement for the Sale of Real EstateAug. 1, 2024
ASMHStandard Agreement of Sale for a Manufactured Home on Leased LandAug. 1, 2024
ASNCStandard Agreement for the Sale of New ConstructionAug. 1, 2024
ASVLStandard Agreement forthe Sale of Vacant LandAug. 1, 2024
BACBuyer Agency ContractAug. 1, 2024
BFABroker's Fee AgreementAug. 1, 2024
CASCompensation Addendum to Agreement of SaleTo be removed Aug. 1, 2024
CBACCommercial Buyer/Tenant Agency ContractAug. 1, 2024
CBCCooperating Broker Compensation AgreementAug. 1, 2024
CBCRCooperating Broker Compensation Agreement for RentalsAug. 1, 2024
CLCChange to Listing ContractAug. 1, 2024
CTAChange in Terms Addendum to Agreement of SaleAug. 1, 2024
MOSMultiple Offer WorksheetAug. 1, 2024
NBANon-Exclusive Buyer Agency ContractAug. 1, 2024
NPCNotice of 2024 Policy ChangesAug. 1, 2024 (new)
SECSeller's Estimated CostsAug. 1, 2024
SRPSeller's Reply to Purchase OfferAug. 1, 2024
TACExclusive Tenant Agency ContractAug. 1, 2024 (new)
TLCTransaction Licensee ContractAug. 1, 2024
XLRExclusive Right to Rent Real PropertyAug. 1, 2024
XLSExclusive Right to Sell Real EstateAug. 1, 2024
XLSCExclusive Right to Sell and/or Lease Commercial PropertyAug. 1, 2024

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