Current Key Legislative Priorities

Gov. Josh Shapiro delivered his second budget address in front of a joint session of both the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Senate. This year’s budget proposes $48.3 billion directed for public schools, education and housing, among other things.

Shapiro proposed a 14% increase, or $1.1 billion, in funding for public schools. This proposal stems from the court ruling last year that the state needed to fund its public school system better. Of the $1.1 billion, approximately $872 million would go toward helping the state’s poorest districts provide better education for their students.

Shapiro also proposed $50 million for the Whole Home Repair program, which originally was allotted over $100 million in American Rescue Plan money last fiscal year. Additionally, the governor also pushed to increase the cap for the Pennsylvania Housing Trust Fund to $100 million over the next four years for the purpose of subsidizing the construction and rehabilitation of houses and apartments.

As budget season officially kicks off, the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors® will continue to monitor the budget and advocate for our members, consumers and the industry as a whole.

Residential Wholesaling

Senate Bill 1173 (Stefano, R-Fayette) was introduced on April 22, 2024, to address the practice of residential wholesaling after extensive conversation by PAR's legislative committee and a task force empaneled by the legislative committee. This bill is sponsored by Senator Stefano, chairman of the Senate Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee and a member of the PAR Real Estate Caucus.

SB 1173 requires those conducting residential wholesaling in the commonwealth to obtain a real estate salesperson license under the Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act (RELRA). Additionally, this bill ensures that consumers are made aware they are engaging in a wholesale transaction by receiving proper disclosures.

Residential wholesaling occurs throughout the commonwealth, and this legislation will ensure uniformity. Those engaging in the practice of real estate are required to have a license in Pennsylvania, and residential wholesalers should not be outside the scope of licensure. The legislation also will ensure that consumers have a clear understanding of the type of transaction they are engaging in by requiring specific disclosures for residential wholesale transactions.

SB 1173 was voted out of the Senate Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure Committee on April 30, 2024 and currently awaits consideration in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Municipal Code and Ordinance Compliance Act

PAR’s Legislative Committee voted to make House Bill 1567 (Malagari, D-Montgomery) priority legislation after its introduction in June. HB 1567, introduced by Realtor® champion Rep. Steven Malagari from Montgomery County, clarifies the Municipal Code and Ordinance Compliance Act (MCOCA) to ensure property transfers are not arbitrarily stopped by municipalities or their components or result in the displacement of renters from properties that are changing ownership. It further clarifies that temporary use permits can still be issued for renter-occupied property transfers, ensuring existing renters are not displaced due to minor code violations.

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives unanimously approved HB 1567 on Nov. 14, 2023. On April 10, 2024, HB 1567 was voted unanimously out of the Senate Urban Affairs Committee and currently awaits consideration on the Senate floor.

First-time Homebuyers Savings Accounts

PAR continues to advocate for the enactment of first-time homebuyer savings accounts in the commonwealth. PAR has partnered with Sen. Rosemary Brown (R-Lackawanna/Monroe/Wayne) in the Senate and Rep. Ryan Bizzarro (D-Erie) in the House to advance legislation.

Sen. Brown has introduced Senate Bill 295 and Rep. Bizzarro has introduced House Bill 126. These companion bills would create the First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account program in Pennsylvania. If enacted, this program would allow first-time homebuyers to deposit money into a savings account, where it goes for the exclusive purpose of purchasing a first home, and the money can be deducted from their state income tax.

Senate Bill 295 was voted out of the Senate Urban Affairs and Housing Committee on March 8, 2023, and currently awaits a vote in the Senate Appropriations Committee. House Bill 126 has been re-referred to the House Housing and Community Development Committee on May 3, 2023.

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