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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

In response to the growing concern regarding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors® has addressed frequently asked questions from Realtors® and consumers.

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Real Estate in the Age of COVID-19: Suggested Best Practices

While many aspects of real estate can be conducted remotely, some elements of a transaction require at least limited in-person activities. In most transactions it is in the interests of both buyers and sellers for buyers to physically view a property before purchasing it, and there are any number of inspections to determine property values and to address health and safety issues. Licensees should attempt to perform activities remotely without contact whenever possible. 

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Will Shifting Priorities Lead to More Buyers?

Additionally, for those fortunate to keep their jobs through the pandemic, many have an increase in disposable income, due to lack of travel and social gatherings, CEO of Cove Adam Segal said. “The notion of putting that money to work, real estate is very obvious, for both residential and investment.”

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Greater Mercer Realtors® Work With Meals on Wheels

Realtors® from the Greater Mercer Association volunteered to help prepare and deliver meals for a week and donated funding to the Shenango Valley Meals on Wheels.

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COVID-19’s Impact on Buyers

Seventy-seven percent of buyers said they think competition in the housing market has increased since COVID-19.

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Rent Trends for 2021

Rental prices are expected to remain the same through June, as urban areas adjust to an influx of renters moving to the suburbs.

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Does Living Near a Specific Grocery Store Impact a Home’s Value?

ATTOM Data Solutions found that for return on investment, living near a Trader Joe’s is best for homebuyers, while homes near an ALDI lead for investors. 

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Pandemic Influences Consumers’ Opinions on Smart Home Technology

Interest in smart home technology isn’t new, as 57% of respondents said they previously owned some type of smart home technology, most likely a smart TV, smart home speakers, a smart doorbell, a robot vacuum and a connected climate control systems/smart thermostat. However, with the pandemic, there has been a shift in what type of smart home technology people are looking for, as consumers lean toward more safety and security devices, as opposed to luxury items. 

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