PAR Launches Consumer Campaign

By Kelly Leighton | March 29, 2022 | 2 min. read

Keep an eye on your local billboards and your social media channels. You may start seeing the Realtor® R more frequently.

PAR has launched a consumer campaign to communicate to residents about the importance of working with a Realtor® in all their property transactions. The PAR board of directors approved suggestions presented by the Consumer Engagement Presidential Advisory Group, which recommended the implementation of a multi-faceted consumer campaign. The consumer campaign will help remind Pennsylvanians that when they are interested in buying or selling property, they should turn to a Realtor® for their transactional expertise. The campaign will also highlight the important role Realtors® play in helping clients achieve their dreams, which in turn builds flourishing communities, and how Realtors® advocate for consumers and the real estate industry.

The board of directors approved the initial campaign to run from 2021-2023. Per the PAG’s recommendations, the campaign will build off of the NAR “That’s Who We R” national campaign and focus heavily on billboard and digital advertising, complemented by informational and advertising resources promoted through PAR’s social media channels, website and publications. The campaign will also feature statewide consumer surveys to better understand people’s thoughts and opinions of Realtors®.

Billboard advertising will occur across the commonwealth, focusing around major public events in those markets. Digital advertising will complement the billboard campaigns as well as expand to various targeted groups of consumers. PAR also will be providing resources for members and local associations to use.

Watch for updates on the campaign in future JustListed posts.

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