Real Estate License Renewal for Cycle Ending in 2022

The Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission grants and renews licenses in Pennsylvania via the Pennsylvania Licensing System (PALS).

Real Estate License Renewal Now Closed

The Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission’s real estate license renewal cycle closed May 31, 2022.

All licensed real estate agents and brokers should log into PALS to confirm that their licenses are showing active with an expiration of 2024. Brokers should verify all agents under their supervision have also renewed their licenses through 2024.

What to do if Your License Was Not Renewed by May 31, 2022

Real estate agents who did not renew by the May 31, 2022 deadline will be required to apply online for reactivation through the Pennsylvania Licensing System (PALS).

Once in PALS, licensees should log into their account and complete the following steps:

  • Scroll down to “Professional License Details” and click on the green pencil icon to the left of your real estate license number.
  • Click on “Reactivate” at the top of the pop-up screen.
  • Complete the required information and answer questions.
  • You will be prompted to enter your broker’s company license number per the instructions. Click the Tab key and the broker facility information will auto populate.
  • Click “Send to Broker” at the bottom right.
  • Log out of PALS and notify your broker that you have sent your reapplication to them for review. You must wait until your broker approves your application before you may continue.
  • Once your broker of record has approved your application, you will receive notification.
  • Log into your PALS account to complete the second portion of the application. Scroll to the bottom of your dashboard and click on the blue “Review” button in the My Queue section, then answer the questions and upload the applicable education or LOGS documents.
  • Pay the $116 reactivation fee.

Brokerage licenses (RB, RBR, RM, RMR, LB, LBR, LM, LMR, RR and MR license types) that failed to renew by the May 31, 2022 deadline will need to submit new initial applications for a new company and broker of record license. The Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission will no longer accept reactivation applications. If the Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission can tell that the company had a broker license within the last 30 days, then it will waive the inspection, but otherwise all documentation and fees for the new licenses would need to be submitted. Broker sole proprietor licensees (RB) will still be able to reactivate rather than applying for a new license.

If a brokerage license was not renewed, it impacted all the licensees attached to the brokerage as well.

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