Is Your Password One of the Most Commonly Used Ones Among Real Estate Professionals?

By Kelly Leighton | May 6, 2021 | 2 min. read

Those in the real estate industry are known for their hustle, passion and knowledge.

One thing that most of those in the industry don’t do so well is passwords. According to NordPass, more than 70% of real estate industry professionals do not use a unique password.

In fact, the top password real estate professionals are using is… password. The second most popular password is 123456. Other popular ones included simon, company names, aaron 431, twilight1, Welcome1 and simon1.

If any of these are your passwords, or you have a common word as a password, it is time to change it. Having a common and easily guessed password leads to more vulnerability and the possibility of being hacked.

“Businesses and their employees have a duty to protect their customers’ data. A weak password of one employee could potentially jeopardize the whole company if an attacker used the breached password to gain access to sensitive data,” said Chad Hammond, security expert at NordPass.

What can you do to make your passwords more secure? Use a long combination of letters, symbols and numbers, which would be difficult for someone to guess. There are a variety of password managers available to keep track of what you are using for what website. You should not duplicate a password in multiple places, each login should have its own unique password.

It’s not just Realtors® who use password as a password, it was one of the most commonly used passwords across all Fortune 500 companies, the report found.

“Maintaining safe access credentials is key to combating cyber theft. Establishing strong, unique passwords and maintaining a secure vault for those passwords will help protect you and your clients. Proactively checking if your data has been included in a data breach also shows how vital unique passwords are for users. Sites like Have I Been Pwned track breaches and alert users when data breaches include their information,” said Kevin Juliano, PAR’s digital director.

Let this be your reminder to change your passwords.

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