A young woman holds a smartphone as graphics beam out from the device signifying smart devices and connectivity
Smart Home Devices: Are They Worth It?

Nearly 70% of consumers said they use their smart home device more than they anticipated, with 59% using at least one particular feature more than they had expected.  Overall, 71% said they found the smart home devices more beneficial than they had originally anticipated.

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Smart Home Technology in Multifamily Housing Units

“For residents, smart technologies offer an obvious upside, from the peace of mind that comes with smart locks to the possible cost savings of smart thermostats and lighting, as well as the increased convenience stemming from devices like smart washers and dryers,” said Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Xfinity Communities Adrian Adriano. “Sometimes overlooked, however, are the benefits to the organizations implementing these technologies.”

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Smart homes and smarter forms

A task force led by Bill Lublin of the Bucks County Association of Realtors® has identified four key issues PAR’s forms should address: notification to buyers and sellers of video and audio surveillance, data privacy and security issues, contractual obligations on energy-efficient equipment and passively-collected data.

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