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Kathy McQuilkin inducted as PAR’s 94th president

by Kelly Leighton on

Kathy McQuilkin
President Kathy McQuilkin
Exton Realtor® Kathleen McQuilkin was installed as the 2017 PAR president last evening.

McQuilkin, an avid runner, compared leading PAR to training for a hard race.

“As an organization, we must be ready for decision-making when obstacles arise,” she said. “Preparation is paramount. PAR has great people, talented staff and exceptional volunteers like you, who use our resources, like our strong RPAC investments and grassroots network to overcome uncertainty, bypass roadblocks and switch paths, if necessary.”

2016 President Todd Polinchock made remarks prior to McQuilkin’s installation. Polinchock said he is most proud of the field rep program, as well as the passing of Act 133, during his tenure as president.

“Realtors® are special people,” said Polinchock. “It’s a special community and I am an awe of this organization.”

McQuilkin added that PAR is better with a “strong” team. “At PAR, we operate as a leadership team,” she said.

A Realtor® for more than 30 years, McQuilkin works with RE/MAX Professional Realty in Exton and is a member of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame. She has been consistently active throughout her local, state and national Realtor® organizations. She was recognized by PAR in 2011 when she received the  Realtor® Active in Politics Award in 2011. She has served on the Legislative, Strategic Oversight, Finance and Executive committees, is a major investor in the Realtors® Political Action Committee and has been a member of the RPAC Hall of Fame since 2013.


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  • Maria    February 1, 2017 | 11:52 pm

    Very nice. Now can someone let people know what PAR stands for? (Rule of writing–always spell it out and then use acronym for rest of the story).

    Reply to Maria
    • Kelly Leighton    February 2, 2017 | 8:03 am

      Hi Maria,
      PAR stands for the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors®, whose website the story was posted on.

      Reply to Kelly Leighton

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