PAR Legal Hotline

The Legal Hotline is one of the highest-ranked PAR member benefits.

The hotline provides general answers to common problems that occur in your business. If you are wrestling with a substantive issue that could affect a transaction or if you are seeking to defend a complaint or lawsuit, you should always seek advice from your own attorney or from your broker’s counsel.

Do not give the hotline number to your clients, to non-Realtor® licensees or to friends who are having trouble in a transaction.

Top Legal Resources and Articles

Before You Call the Legal Hotline

  • Use Your Resources

    The Realtor® Resource Library and JustListed blog are great places to start, but you should always ask your broker about the situation before calling the PAR Legal Hotline. They may have had a similar experience in the past, or your question may be one that comes down to brokerage policy.

    If you have questions about using a specific PAR Standard Form, read the guidelines for using that particular form. To find the guidelines for preparation and use, log into your account and navigate to the specific form’s page. Then, click “View guidelines” to download the document.

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  • Know the Issue

    Ensure that you have a full understanding of the situation and are able to answer relevant questions from the hotline attorney. Asking another agent or administrative staff to call the PAR Legal Hotline when they don’t have the specifics about the situation means it will probably be an incomplete question and therefore an incomplete answer.

    Have all the necessary information at your fingertips. If you won’t be at your desk, take any necessary information with you so you’ll have it when the call is returned. If you are asking about a clause in contract, have the document available to read from directly.

Call the Legal Hotline

Call only on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Every effort is made to return calls on the day they’re made, so you might get a call back outside of those hours depending on how many calls are handled that day. Though you might get a return call after hours, please do not call outside of these posted hours.

After you’ve used your resources and know what questions you need to ask, contact us so we can verify your membership and provide you with the PAR Legal Hotline phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

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