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Using an Online Platform for Sellers Disclosures

by Barth, Mike on

Realtors® are increasingly trying to find new ways to conduct business virtually, now that the state is under a stay-at-home order. PAR has two sponsors that can help: Sellers Shield and Glide.

With both of these products, you have access to an online platform which walks your clients, step by step through the Seller’s Property Disclosure form. These easy-to-use online tools are a near necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic and provide a variety of benefits to you and your clients that will continue to be valuable once we return to a more traditional marketplace.

“Glide makes the process of completing the SPD easier for the seller, safer for the agent and the brokerage, and creates an easy to read document for the buyer and their agent. Our agents learned the app easily and implementation has been very smooth with consumers,” said Bill Lublin, the CEO of Century 21 Advantage Gold in Philadelphia.

Using these platforms helps to speed up the tedious process of filling out the property disclosure form. Since you are currently unable to meet your clients in person, any questions they might have about the form would require a series of phone calls or emails. With an online platform, changes can be made from within the dashboard, and you can easily access the most up-to-date version of the form. Both products also educate the sellers as they fill out the form, helping to ensure they understand the questions they are asking, and the terms used on the form.

Matt Evey, broker/owner of John Hill Real Estate in Hollidaysburg, uses Seller’s Shield in his business. “It’s not very often a free tool comes along that adds so much value and benefit to not just agents and brokers, but to buyers and sellers as well. All agents and brokers should be utilizing this technology. Not only is it free, but it offers great liability protection to all parties involved in any transaction.”

Using an online platform also allows you to track your seller’s process through the form, and see which questions remain unanswered. Once your seller has completed the form and signed it electronically, you can generate a PDF of the completed form to have on file.

Rather than getting mired in the details of signatures, faxes and attachments, Glide and Sellers Shield help you to automate the process, while still providing clear guidance to your sellers. Your time and expertise can then be spent on other tasks.

Get started today and create your account with Sellers Shield or Glide.


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David Hinkel

FYI Glide website not working

Kevin Juliano, CAE, RCE

Hi David – Thanks for reaching out. You can connect to Glide here:

Kirkwood, Terry

I could not get any of the links to work for Glide to be able to sign up or do the training.

Kevin Juliano, CAE, RCE

Hi Terry – You can connect to Glide here: