What was trendy in housing in 2015?

By Kelly Leighton | Dec. 29, 2015 | 2 min. read

Survey says: The latest trends in home design are pretty similar to last year.

The American Institute of Architects recently released their Home Design Trends Survey for the third quarter of 2015. Contemporary home styles remain the most popular, and have increased from 38 to 45 percent in popularity in the last year. Front and side porches remain in style as well, with 40 percent reporting this trend is still on, up from 36 percent last year.

Low maintenance remains the top priority for exterior features, up to 69 percent in popularity, an increase of 5 percent from last year. The number and size of windows is also important, although this feature saw a slight decrease from last year, with only 40 percent, compared to 42 percent in 2014.

For those remodeling, there was an increase in additions and alterations, up nearly 4 percent to 65.5 percent. However, there was a decrease in kitchen and bath remodeling down to 53.8 percent from 59.5, but it still was the second most popular.

In home buying, there was an increase in first-time buyers, move-up homes, and custom/luxury homes.

According to the report, community design trends still are continuing to concentrate on reinvesting in and enhancing already developed areas. Infill development still reigns in first, with an increase of 1 percent to 65 percent. Increase in tear-downs was right behind with 57 percent, a decrease of 1 percent from 2014. Multi-generation housing increased from 54 percent in 2014 to 56 percent in 2015.

Quarterly each year, AIA releases their Home Design Trends Survey. Each quarter highlights a different area of home trends and includes the same business conditions questions for tracking purposes. The panel includes 600 architecture firms that concentrate their practice in the residential sector.

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