Seven Things That May Bestow Luck Upon Your Home

By Hope Walborn | March 14, 2024 | 2 min. read

St. Patrick’s Day might be a holiday for luck, but here are seven things that may make your home lucky all year round.

1. Elephant Statues or Figurines

These giants are a symbol of strength, longevity and wisdom in Hindu, Thai and Buddhist cultures. Some believe facing elephants north is the best way to bring about good luck and positive energy, while others say facing them towards the outside will help protect the home from negative energy.

2. Horseshoes Above Doors

These are popular symbols of luck, but there are varying beliefs about which way the shoe should be placed. Many believe hanging the horseshoe open-end up will catch good luck, while hanging it open-end down will let it spill.

3. Ladybugs

Whether statues, paintings or real bugs, these garden dwellers are said to be talismans of luck and good fortune. In addition to abundance, they’re said to be especially lucky for love and marriage.

4. Well-Placed Mirrors

For good feng shui (the Chinese belief system of spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy), place mirrors so that they reflect a nice view of your garden or nature. Avoid putting mirrors in front of your bed (which may cause poor sleep) or across from entryways (which could prevent good energy from entering).

5. A Red Front Door

Red front doors are said to bring prosperity in all forms. Chinese culture deems red an auspicious color, and some people believe that the front door is the primary place through which all energy enters. Red doors may attract good energy and scare away the bad.

6. Aquariums or Fishbowls

Looking for a new pet? Fish are believed to symbolize good health, happiness, power and prosperity. Many believe that water brings good feng shui as well, as the flow of it brings vitality and, in Chinese cultures, is associated with money.

7. Living Spiders

This one might not be for the squeamish, but killing spiders is said to be a bad omen. Some consider these creatures to be the protectors of the home, and they’re also said to be spirit guides that help foster creativity, artistry and writing.

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