The Pandemic’s Impact on Colors for the Home

By Kelly Leighton | Feb. 18, 2021 | 2 min. read

We all know the importance of first impressions, especially in real estate.

No matter how beautiful a home may be on the inside, if the outside is not taken care of, it makes a difference for buyers. But what about the color of the home? If you have sellers who are planning to spruce up their home, perhaps a change in color – on both the inside and the out – would help.

Fifty-three percent of interior design experts in a recent survey from Fixr agree that white is the way to go on the exterior of the home for resale value, followed by 27% who said gray and 25% who said off-white.

On the inside, more than eight in 10 interior design experts said that staying at home during the pandemic has “strongly” impacted homeowners’ choice in color. Instead of grays, consumers are leaning toward more earthy and warmer tones, according to the survey results. Fifty-four percent of respondents said neutrals with pops of bold colors are also popular, while 50% said warm neutrals and 46% said earthy tones are gaining interest. Only 19% chose gray, a once-popular color choice. However, for homeowners who plan to list their house sometime soon, experts recommend whites and creams (63%) or warm neutrals (32%).

For homeowners looking to add a little color without committing to painting a whole room, nearly half of interior design experts said they think textiles, like linens or pillows, will be the most popular way to showcase a little color, while 32% said wallpaper on an accent wall and 27% said furniture. In fact, 90% of designers surveyed said there has been an increase in wallpaper and murals, specifically nature-inspired (17%), bold (16%), neutral and earth tones (14%) and floral (13%).

The home office has become increasingly popular, as more consumers continue to work from home. Most experts thought off-white or a blue (navy, blue-green and blue-gray) would be the top pick for a working from home space. In the kitchen, experts predict earth and natural tones will dominate the trends, followed by shades of green.

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