Mattel’s Barbie Inspires Home Design Trends

By Kim Shindle | Dec. 26, 2022 | 2 min. read

Barbie’s Dreamhouse marked its 60th anniversary this year and it’s sparking nostalgia as well as influencing home design trends. The term “Barbiecore” has been coined to define home design inspired by Mattel’s well-known doll.

With the upcoming 2023 release of the Barbie film, fashion and home décor sites, as well as Tiktok and Pinterest, have touted the Barbiecore phenomenon.

Better Homes & Gardens said Barbiecore trends are sweeping homes and will be the trend for next year.  But Barbiecore is more than Pepto-pink – although that’s an option. You can consider more subtle shades of pink, that offer a more polished look.

Kathy Kosciewicz, owner Brandywine Staging in Garnet Valley, said she’s not seeing customers asking to incorporate Barbiecore in their homes. “I don’t know where it’s headed, but it’s everywhere. It feels a little nostalgic and adds some bright fun. I’m not seeing the bright pink in home décor. I’m seeing more subtle pinks, a light blush with creamy colors, in more of  the boho feel.”

Real Simple magazine suggests deciding how much you want to commit to Barbiecore. Do you opt for pink appliances for the kitchen or a pink sofa? Maybe consider bold artwork and fun throw pillows to add a pop of pink. You may also want to keep the bold colors to a more casual room to make the space more fun and leave the formal dining room pink-free.

Several of the 2023 colors of the year chose by paint companies reflect the trend of pink-toned hues. Pantone’s Viva Magenta, Sherwin-Williams Redend Point and Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush and fall into the more sophisticated pink tones.

Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute Laurie Pressman told The Washington Post, “People want to escape, and they are latching onto something colorful and nostalgic and playful.”

Mattel has long set Barbie to be a trend setter. Barbie bought her first Dreamhouse in 1962, before women were even allowed to open their own bank accounts. Undergoing remodels and refreshes over the years to reflect the architectural and interior design trends of the times, the Dreamhouse has become one of most popular and recognizable homes in the world.

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