What homebuilders are putting into new kitchens now

By Kelly Leighton | Oct. 13, 2016 | 2 min. read

What kitchen trends are most popular right now?

Thanks to data from Houzz, combined with information from the 2016 Builder Practices Survey from the National Association of Homebuilders, more than 1,500 people who recently built a home reported what they put into their new kitchens.

For appliances, cooktops and ranges are the norm in new kitchens, with 97 percent of new homes reporting these features. Other features that are usually included include dishwashers (92 percent), microwave ovens and garbage disposals (both 84 percent) and refrigerators and freezer (65 percent). Washers and dryers are only included in about one-third of homes, and sadly, elevators only show up in about 2 percent.

For countertops, granite landed in first place by a strong amount, with 64 percent of new homes having this type of countertop. Fourteen percent have laminate countertops, which are the least desired kitchen feature, according to NAHB. Laminate countertops are usually used due to their affordability. Both engineered stone and solid-surface countertops each make up 9 percent each.

As for colors, of those who have granite countertops, 30 percent have multi-colored, 26 percent have white and 18 percent chose black. Twenty-six percent said some other color, or reported they were not sure about their countertop color. Nearly one-quarter said they have white backsplashes, 13 percent said they have beige, 12 percent said multi-colored and 6 percent said gray. Nearly half (43 percent) said they did not know their color, or it was not one of the options offered.

The survey also looked at the most popular type of cabinets being installed in new homes today. According to the results, wood-based cabinets are by far the most common, but 60 percent of homes reported panel wood cabinets, compared to one-quarter of homes who reported flat panel wood cabinets. Five percent of said laminate cabinets, and the last 10 percent reported other types, like glass cabinets. The most common color is white (34 percent), followed by 20 percent who said wood (medium tone), 9 percent said gray, 7 percent said wood (dark tone) and 6 percent said multi-colored.

What kitchen trends have you noticed lately? 

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