Strengthening your marketing as a Realtor®

By Kelly Leighton | Oct. 9, 2015 | 3 min. read

As a Realtor®, you know the importance of getting your name out there, and how important your marketing is.

However, it can be hard to stand out in a crowd. Michele Pariza Wacek, the author of Love-Based Copywriting — How to Write Copy that Attracts, Inspires and Invites Your Ideal Prospects to Become Ideal Clients and Love-Based Copywriting System: A Step-by-Step Process to Master Writing Copy that Attracts, Inspires and Invites, offers a few Realtor®-specific tips to up your marketing.

First, Pariza Wacek thinks Realtors® should focus on their “people” marketing, and by that, she means how you are marketing yourself to get either buyers or sellers to contact you.

And of that marketing, Pariza Wacek said some Realtors® need to spice it up. “What I normally see is either very generic sounding copy or copy that just talks about how great the realtor is, such as how much they’ve sold, etc. What buyers and sellers want to hear is their needs are going to be met and they will be taken care of during the buying or selling process. For every buyer and seller, that’s going to sound a little different, hence why knowing and understanding who your ideal clients are is so important,” she said.

But how can you improve your marketing? Pariza Wacek suggested “digging deep.”

“Write to your ideal buyers and sellers as you would a friend. If you’re writing to a friend, chances are you’re going to let that passion shine through. That passion is going to be part of what attracts your ideal buyer and seller to you,” she said.

To get a clear idea who your ideal buyer and seller are, Pariza Wacek recommended completing an “ideal client” exercise. Take 10 minutes and ask yourself who your ideal client is and why.

“Writing it out is better than answering in your head. The most important part to answer is the why part. That’s what is going to help you figure out who your ideal buyers and sellers are. I also encourage you to look beyond whether or not they have the money or credit to afford a house. Just because they have the money doesn’t mean they are going to be ideal for you to work with. And do you really want to serving a slew of buyers and sellers who aren’t your ideal clients and you cringe every time the phone rings or you know you have to see them?” she asked.

“Trying to market to everyone means you market to no one. Your ideal clients won’t recognize themselves if you make your marketing too generic, so the more specific you are, the more ideal clients you’ll attract. And that’s a win-win,” she concluded.

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