How to improve your real estate website

By Kelly Leighton | Feb. 11, 2016 | 2 min. read

Sure, you have a website set up for your real estate business. But is it really working for you?

Your website should be attracting business, not just wasting away on the Internet. Vice President of Platforms and e-Business for ERA Franchise Systems LLC Mary Capella and Morgan Carey, founder and CEO of Real Estate Webmasters, Inc.,  have some advice for how you can transform your website to attract more clients.

“Consider the consumer. It’s not about you,” said Capella. “If they can’t find what they want on your site, they will not stay.”

Carey added: “Focus on the user experience.” He also said that it’s a “mobile world,” so it is essential that your website is compatible on all devices.

A Realtor’s® biography is an important part of the site, as people want to know who they will be working with. Capella said the biography can be first or third person, but to “make sure your voice shines through. Do whatever makes you the most comfortable. Ask yourself what your personal marketing message is,” she suggested.

Morgan said your branding is also extremely important to your website. “Your brand should be your message,” he said. “It’s all about the content. Leverage technology to your advantage.”

Capella agreed. “Your branding and message has to be consistent,” she said. “You need to understand click paths. Your website isn’t the end. It’s a journey.”

Now that your website is updated, and your branding and message are stable, have you thought about requiring users to register?

Both Capella and Morgan are in favor of forced registration for Realtors®’ sites. “Registration gets clients where they need to go,” said Capella.

“We’re programmed to sign in,” said Morgan. “You’ll get good content, and at least 10 times the leads. Half will be bogus, but your other option is perfect leads every time, but way less.”

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