Tie your networking in with your business plan

By Kelly Leighton | Nov. 13, 2017 | 2 min. read

Fast-paced and hard-hitting.

That’s how Christine Beck describes her classes.

“My business planning class will be all about the core of business planning. It’s very relative to driving results in real estate. I go for the blueprint,” she said. Beck said she believes in seven core philosophies to can help agents accelerate their business plan, and lead them to a plan that will succeed.

“My networking class brings a Realtor® through a day of a master networker. You will philosophically go through every single opportunity from a top-producing sales person. We’ll begin with waking up to going to the gym to stopping by the convenience store to dropping your kids off at school. Learn to find the mindset, manage your time and find every opportunity for business. Learn how the brain operates, and see everything as an opportunity,” said Beck.

Beck said Realtors® should be handing out 10 to 15 business cards daily.

“Change is important. I think Realtors® who are willing to change are the ones that are evolving. From technology to new leads, they aren’t doing as much old-school real estate. They aren’t doing as much old marketing. Thankfully, I am very current with the real estate market,” she said. “I think that the biggest mistake Realtors make is thinking they can do it part-time. Real estate is not like it used to be. The pool got a lot smaller. They have to do it full-time.”

“Spend time with me, not only will you be inspired to change your business, but you’ll receive tactical lessons on increasing immediate results,” added Beck.

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