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By Kelly Leighton | July 17, 2017 | 2 min. read

“Learn about trends that are taking place coast-to-coast,” OnCourse Learning Real Estate Education Manager Richard Gallegos advises for agents. “Jump on information on what is taking place in the marketplace, and it’s really useful. For new agents, marketing information is key. Utilize live instruction, and review past recordings, see what topics are hot. Mold your marketing on what is going on across the country.”

Gallegos said one of the most beneficial things agents can do is stay current on news and conferences, using resources such as NAR and Inman, so you can stay current with what other brokers and agents are doing.

He said, however, that Realtors® should always remember to follow the golden rule, that is treat others as you would like to be treated, or even better. “Communication is so important between you and your clients,” he said. No amount of marketing can make up for poor behavior.

“Another one of the biggest mistakes I see agents making is underestimating the reach of their clientele and the knowledge of their clients. For most today, they don’t have a grasp of the base knowledge of clients. Anyone who is looking for real estate today can pull up information online. They have to keep that in mind,” he said. “Analytic websites can help. Pull information, and that is usually the best way to go.”

He also said for agents and brokers who work in more than one state to always keep up-to-date with rules and regulations, as they can change and vary.

But ultimately, “clients come first,” he said. “Your reputation is as important as your last clients say it is. Keep it above par.”

OnCourse Learning Real Estate offers a digital Real Estate Marketing Resource Guide with more tips.

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