Finding new clients in 2016

By Kelly Leighton | Feb. 17, 2016 | 2 min. read

“There are new ways of making relationships with clients,” said Tristan Ahumada, Realtor® and CEO of Tristan and Associates at Keller Williams Realty.

Molly Finley, a Realtor® with Howard Hanna Real Estate in Pittsburgh, suggested doing something that you haven’t done in the past to attract new business this year.

Ahumada recommended combining ads with websites both you and consumers are using, and to make sure you’re advertising to the correct demographics. “Anticipate what people are looking for,” he advised.

Finley recommended making your own brand on Facebook, and finding people that will want to meet you, and people who will want to interact with you. “Show them there is more to you than real estate,” she said. “Make yourself personable. I want to be approachable.”

Ahumada seconded remaining personable, and suggested using your personal page to sometimes post pictures of industry things. “It reminds people you’re in real estate,” he said. “Record your events and show clips.”

And if you’re a Realtor® using Instagram, as you should be, he said, make sure your pictures are high quality. Have you tried SnapChat? Ahumada said his company is testing it out to see if it will be as valuable as Instagram. Connect with friends, family and clients to give them a snapshot of your activities, whether it is your personal or professional life.

Another platform you may have not considered is Yelp. Caron Ling, a Realtor® with Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers, said she gets approximately 20 percent of her business from Yelp. Ling pointed out that people rely on Yelp to find other businesses, so why not a Realtor®? “People find me, they get to read my reviews. And negative reviews are good, too. They make you a real person. No one is perfect. Respond with grace,” she advised.

In addition to social media, Ling recommended throwing events. “Market to your friends, and tell them to invite their friends.” She also suggested mixing it up, such as having open houses at different times, maybe in the evening, and making it more of an event to get your name out there.

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