What Are You Offering Your Clients as a Realtor®?

By Kelly Leighton | Aug. 18, 2020 | 3 min. read

The best thing a Realtor® can do is give their client, whether it’s a buyer or a seller, convenience, Kris Lindahl, CEO and founder of Kris Lindahl Real Estate said.

“In today’s market, you need to be able to move fast. Convenience plays into that. There are so many virtual tools available, and agents and brokerages need to be embracing technology. Realtors® can help buyers and sellers by utilizing 3D tours, offering sellers virtual staging consultations and virtually walking buyers through a home with Zoom or FaceTime if they aren’t able to get there in person.”

For sellers, Lindahl said marketing is another “huge benefit” Realtors® offer. “The better marketing a brokerage has, the more eyes they get on your property and that increases the likelihood of a quick sale while getting top dollar. The radio ads or billboards you see when you are out and about are seen by other people too. They generate web traffic. The more people on the website, the more people who see your home. The more people who see your home, the more likely you’ll find a buyer who loves it.”

Lindahl stressed how technology has “totally changed” the real estate industry. “Buyers and sellers can do a lot online that wasn’t possible a few years ago,” he said, noting that his company now offers virtual staging consultations. “Our stagers use platforms like Zoom and FaceTime to connect with sellers. The seller walks us through their home and we can make suggestions and give them staging tips virtually; 3D tours are now commonplace. You can get a really good, detailed look at a home through a 3D tour. The ability to search for a home from your couch has never been greater. You can even make offers on a home without ever leaving your living room. All of these technology advancements and virtual options are allowing buyers and sellers to make better use of their time. The process is more efficient than it’s ever been.”

However, as many Realtors® can attest to, while technology offers many benefits, there are drawbacks.

“As great as technology is, human connectivity can get lost. There are certain things technology can never replace or replicate when it comes to our senses,” said Lindahl. “How does it feel to be inside a home? How does it smell? What kind of vibe does the neighborhood have? Those things don’t all translate through a screen. Technology offers great options, but buyers and sellers should always operate in their comfort zone. For example, some people are completely comfortable buying a home without ever stepping foot inside, but that’s not for everyone. What you gain in convenience through technology, you do sacrifice in other ways.”

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