Are You Spending Too Much Time Marketing?

By Kelly Leighton | March 11, 2020 | 2 min. read

There is a direct correlation between marketing and overall sales, but how you’re marketing, and the time required to do the marketing can be exhausting.

Real estate is already a tough business, especially when Realtors® deal with factors out of their control, like the local market, economic indicators and interest rates to name a few.

Marketing yourself and your properties can be a daunting task, and time-consuming, to say the least. Unless you have a team of experts handling your day-to-day marketing, you’re bound to spend endless hours jumping from system to system just to post the same content. When we think about print, email and social media, all of these are different systems or apps and you need to be savvy to get the right messaging across to your potential buyers and sellers.

Think about all of the efforts you put into marketing a new listing: designing your flyers, sending out an email blast to a predefined list of potential buyers, posting to all of your social channels by jumping from system to system, printing flyers for an upcoming open house and maybe even sending every door direct mailers (which includes the time and effort to send to the printer, pick it up, bundle it and then finally drop it off at the USPS to have it stamped and mailed). This can take hours or even days to get the right marketing to the right places.

Through one of PAR’s sponsors, Amarki, you can streamline this entire process through their platform. Instead of having to spend the unnecessary time sending an email blast, posting to your social channels and printing off flyers for your open house, this will be done automatically. Not only does Amarki pull in your MLS data every 15 minutes, but they streamline all your marketing in minutes. Through Amarki’s automated campaigns, you define the parameters of the property and the marketing you would like completed on your new listing. When a new listing hits the platform, you receive an email notification of your new listing with all the marketing you’ve already defined.  You simply review the social postings, the emails to be sent, modify an image or change some wording, approve it and it’s all completed for you.

Learn more about Amarki’s capabilities and partnership with PAR.

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