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Harrisburg Named One of the Toughest U.S. Markets for Buyers

“We have seen this through our market place. Although listing inventory has stabilized in the market place from this time last year, average days on market has decreased by almost 30% to 42 days. If a buyer comes to market to buy a home, they will most likely be competing and will need to make a quicker decision to have a chance. No more ‘we want to sleep on it,'” said Adrian Smith, president-elect of the Greater Harrisburg Association of Realtors®.

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Solar Leases: Landowners Beware

Payment provisions for commercial solar project leases are far from the only issue that needs to be addressed in lease negotiations. Some of the more serious issues presented include restrictions on the landowner’s use of the land, how much of the land will actually be utilized once the solar project comes to fruition (as this is often the basis for determining the payments) and what are the requirements for restoring the land once the solar lease terminates.

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