10 Spring Lawn Care Tips from LawnStarter

By Hope Walborn | May 16, 2024 | 3 min. read

It’s that time of year when lawn mowing gets added to the to-do list again. Here’s a summary of 10 spring lawn care tips from LawnStarter to keep your yard looking green.

1. Clean Your Yard

Cleaning is a good starting point when it comes to waking your yard back up after a long winter. Get rid of leaves, dead plants, rocks and other debris using a rake and/or leaf blower.

2. Control Weeds

Use pre-emergent weed killers before weeds start sprouting and post-emergent weed killers once they’ve already started growing. Spring is prime weed season and the best time for weed prevention.

3. Overseed if Necessary

Throughout the year, grass can thin out and develop bare spots. Overseeding can help prevent these issues and should be done prior to dethatching and aerating.

4. Feed with Fertilizer

Fertilizing helps maintain healthy nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels and is best done with a slow-release fertilizer in the spring. Be careful not to overfertilize, as doing so can cause more lawn problems.

5. Spread Mulch

Mulch protects your soil from extreme temperatures and helps prevent weeds. Early to mid-spring is the best time to spread it, and there are various types to choose from, both organic and inorganic.

6. Check Your Tools

After several months stored away, it’s a good idea to check tools like lawn mowers, edgers, lawn trimmers and cutting tools to make sure they’re ready to work through the spring and summer. For mowers, be sure to check the battery, oil, spark plugs, air filters and other parts, making tune-ups if necessary.

7. Start Mowing

For best results, LawnStarter recommends mowing every other week in early spring, mowing in the mid-morning, mowing only when the grass is dry and changing your mowing pattern. They also advise against mowing more than a third of your grass height in one go. Certain types of grass have ideal lawn heights and heights when it’s best to mow.

8. Edge Your Lawn

Edging can help yards look cleaner and neater. Early spring is the best time for edging because the soil is easier to work with.

9. Water Your Lawn Properly

Underwatering your lawn can cause it to die, while overwatering invites fungal diseases, promotes shallow root growth and reduces drought resistance. It’s best to water between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. and to water less during early spring.

10. Treat Pests

Many outdoor pests emerge in the spring, and there are various pest control options available. For those who are squeamish, hiring a pest control expert might be the way to go.

For more detailed lawn care tips including ideal grass heights, sprinkler checks, mulch options, lawn care tool maintenance and more, check out LawnStarter’s full article.

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