Features Homebuyers Want in Their Next Home

By Kelly Leighton | Jan. 10, 2020 | 2 min. read

It may be cold outside, but some buyers are dreaming of those summer nights in the backyard.

Porch.com surveyed nearly 1,000 homebuyers about what they want in a home – and the biggest wanted feature was a back porch or deck, according to 33.9%. This was the top answer among baby boomers, Generation X members and millennials, showing age doesn’t impact the desire to be outdoors. Other popular features across generations included a newly renovated kitchen, according to 30.8%, and hardwood flooring, said 30.4%.

However, they say money talks. And homebuyers are willing to shell out more for certain features. A newly renovated kitchen will net, on average, $4,570 over budget for most homebuyers, followed by a finished basement at $4,506. An open floor plan, which 16% of people said they chose their home for, averages $4,243 over budget for buyers, while newly renovated bathrooms are good for $3,549 over budget. Men were more likely than women to shell out for a newly renovated kitchen, while women were more likely to splurge on a finished basement. Surprisingly, most homebuyers were under their budget when buying their last home by $12,000. Millennials, especially, kept under budget, at nearly $16,000.

When it comes to couples though, there are features that they both want – and both disagree over. The top features couples disagreed on are a wood-burning fireplace, an in-ground pool and hardwood flooring. On the other hand, most couples were in sync with their opinions on energy-efficient appliances, newly renovated bedrooms and newly renovated bathrooms. Nearly 25% of respondents said their significant other does not have all of their desired features in their home.

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