Nine Garden Trends for 2024

By Hope Walborn | May 1, 2024 | 3 min. read

Springtime is officially here, and after a particularly snowy winter, some Pennsylvania homeowners may be more than ready for their yards to turn green again. Here are nine garden trends to consider trying this spring.

1. Homegrown Fruits and Vegetables

Growing your own produce is more sustainable, can save money and is good for the environment. Many fruits and vegetables can thrive in Pennsylvania and can be planted throughout the spring and summer.

2. Sensory Gardens

Sensory gardens are great for relaxation, meditation, mindfulness and self-care. They include sensory features such as bird baths, benches, fountains, scented plants, sculptures and more. These gardens can reduce stress and help you connect with nature.

3. Pollinator-Friendly Plants

Pollinator-friendly plants provide food and habitat for native pollinators such as bees, moths, wasps and butterflies. Pollinators are essential to the environment and various ecological functions. Some popular pollinator-friendly plants include mountain mint, coneflowers and milkweed.

4. Tropical Plants

With their bright colors and large foliage, tropical plants are often popular in yards to bring about a more exotic feeling. Despite what some may believe, many tropical plants can be grown in non-tropical areas like Pennsylvania.

5. Maximalism

Maximalism, an aesthetic of vibrant colors and eclectic designs, has become more popular for interior design recently. However, the trend may extend outside now. To achieve this look, fill your garden or yard with brightly colored flowers, layered foliage, tropical plants and fun outdoor décor.

6. Grass Alternatives

Some homeowners are swapping grass for alternatives such as clover, which is better for the environment and easier to maintain. Clover requires less water, which is great for areas with droughts or those who want to save water, and it requires less mowing. It can also benefit the surrounding environment more.

7. Smart Yard Technology

Technology is everywhere, including outside. Smart sprinklers may be a growing tech trend for those who want to conserve water while hydrating their yards and gardens. These sprinklers can track when plants need watering and how much, and they can be controlled via a mobile app.

8. Perennial Plants

Perennial plants have been popular for years, and their ease and convenience likely aren’t going anywhere. These plants live for more than two years and regrow each spring, requiring little maintenance from homeowners.

9. Houseplants

No room for a garden? No green thumb? Houseplants can still bring life to your home. Become a “plant parent” and adorn your rooms with plants in decorative pots and vases. Plants that like low light and are slow growing are perfect for indoors, and succulents can be especially low maintenance. Be cautious though, as some plants are toxic to pets and are best left outside.

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