Over Half of Homeowners Neglecting Maintenance

By Hope Walborn | Sept. 27, 2023 | 2 min. read

While 75% of American homeowners claim to do home checks once a year or more, more than half admitted they haven’t gotten around to doing any checks yet in 2023, according to a recent survey conducted by All Star Home.

The survey of 1,004 U.S. homeowners revealed that a staggering amount have been forgoing crucial and necessary home maintenance. Of those surveyed, 29% said they do not perform routine home checks and 52% said they haven’t checked their homes yet this year. Of those who do perform routine home checks, the majority (22%) perform them twice a year. Additionally, when completed, most home maintenance is done during spring (46%).

The most important home maintenance tasks include checking smoke detectors, removing lint from dryers, changing air filters, HVAC maintenance and checking carbon monoxide detectors. However, the most often forgotten tasks include checking smoke detectors, checking pipes, checking roofs, changing air filters and checking for mold.

Regular smoke detector checks are one of the most important yet most forgotten maintenance tasks. While 61% of Americans have three or more smoke detectors in their home, 37% report only changing the batteries when they beep and 26% report only changing them once a year. Worse yet, 39% have unplugged their smoke detectors and 18% have admitted to forgetting to plug them back in.

Likewise, of the 58% of homeowners who have a carbon monoxide detector, 29% check them only when they beep and 30% check them only once a year.

Other important maintenance tasks also raise red flags. A concerning 45% of homeowners do not check their homes for mold and 51% do not check their pipes for leaks. About 55% trim tree branches near their roof and 65% inspect their roof.

On average, U.S. homeowners spend $853 annually on routine home maintenance, according to the survey. Because of maintenance costs, 40% skip regular home repairs. While 75% perform routine tasks themselves, 25% hire professionals. If there are issues, 42% hire out. Financial constraints prevent 40% of homeowners from making necessary home repairs.

Regular home maintenance is a vital key to maintaining safety, well-being, and comfort within a home. Performing these tasks on a routine basis helps prevent accidents, health issues and injuries and doing so can also help preserve your home and its value.

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