Homeowners Prepping for Summer Maintenance

By Hope Walborn | June 26, 2024 | 2 min. read

Nearly half of homeowners (48%) said they’ll prioritize seasonal maintenance tasks this summer, according to a survey by Hippo home insurance group.

The other half of homeowners are focusing on home upgrades (24%), crucial home repairs (18%) or not prioritizing any sort of project this summer (11%).

“The to-do list never ends for most of us, especially when protecting and maintaining our homes,” says Hippo Home Insights Expert Courtney Klosterman. “According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the summer of 2024 in Pennsylvania could bring above-average temperatures. Pennsylvania homeowners should plan their home projects in advance.”

The top homeowner concerns for this summer include:

  1. High utility bills (50%)
  2. Storm damage (30%)
  3. Extreme heat (29%)

Owners of older homes (more than 10 years) are especially concerned about aging appliances being less energy efficient, resulting in higher utility costs.

Affordability is a priority for many homeowners this year. Nearly half (44%) are using a pre-planned budget to finance summer home maintenance and repair projects, and homeowners are planning to DIY the same tasks they prioritized last year. Fifty-five percent said they choose to DIY over hiring a professional because of the potential cost savings, and 28% say they do so because they can’t afford a professional.

The top three summer tasks last year were:

  1. Trimming trees and shrubs (51%)
  2. Checking and/or spraying for bugs (44%)
  3. Cleaning the dryer vent (41%)

These are also the most common tasks homeowners reported choosing to DIY this year.

The top three challenges for completing home summer maintenance and repairs were:

  1. Affording the costs (55%)
  2. Finding a reliable professional (31%)
  3. Determining whether to DIY projects or hire a professional (30%)

“Our survey revealed that many responding homeowners have the foresight, motivation and (some) finances set aside to help get their homes in shape this summer,” notes Klosterman.

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