Backyards, Back Decks and Entertaining Spaces: Top Outdoor Features Homebuyers Want

By Kelly Leighton | Oct. 15, 2019 | 2 min. read

How much of a dealbreaker are outdoor features for homebuyers?

In today’s market, many buyers are making sacrifices to afford a home. Whether that means living outside of the desired area or giving up wanted features, many homebuyers are finding themselves in the position of not getting everything they want in a home, either from lack of inventory or lack of finances. A recent survey found that outdoor features in a home are quite important to many homebuyers. More than three-quarters of homebuyers who want a large backyard in their home would not sacrifice that desire when searching for a property, while 64% of homebuyers would not give up a large front yard and 62% who want a pool would not purchase a home without one.

Not surprisingly, a large backyard is the top feature desired by nearly 70% homebuyers, followed by a back deck, according to more than half of buyers. Other popular outside features for buyers include an outdoor entertaining space, a large front yard, a front deck and a pool. People are optimistic that having some of these outdoor features will lead to healthier lifestyles, as 80% of respondents said a yard encourages people to be more active.

What else are people hoping to accomplish with their outdoor features? A back deck, outdoor entertaining space and a large backyard will lead to spending more time outside, said more than 70%, while nearly 60% think a pool would be fun for the whole family. However, the top backyard activity, regardless of age, is to relax. Other popular uses for backyard time is enjoying nature, barbecuing, playing with pets and family and eating.

On average, baby boomers spend the most time outside, at 1.5 hours a day, followed by Generation X at 1.3 hours and millennials at 1.2 hours. Dog owners spend slightly more time outside than non-dog owners and those with children spent 1.3 hours outside, compared to those without, who spent 1.2 hours outside. Interestingly, those with a backyard reported spending less time outdoors than those with one.

A 2010 Harvard Medical study found that spending time outdoors raises vitamin D, makes people more active and increases happiness levels and concentration levels. If homebuyers feel a backyard or other outdoor features will lead them to be outside more, it’s a feature they shouldn’t sacrifice.

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