What homeowners are spending on home maintenance

By Kelly Leighton | July 26, 2018 | 2 min. read

Home maintenance is one cost that homeowners should be considering when planning their yearly budgets.

Research shows that homeowners spend 1-3 percent of their homes’ cost on maintenance each year. According to a recent Porch report, Pennsylvania residents spent slightly more than $16,000, right on par with the national average. If a homeowner has a pool, it adds significant costs to home maintenance bills.

The three tasks that are needed to be completed most frequently are cleaning the pool (every 1.9 months), with an average cost of $105 per clean, maintaining the lawn every 2.1 months, with an average cost of $19 per job and fertilizing the lawn twice a year at $13 per job. Aerating the lawn needs to be done every year and a half, and cost, on average, $27 per job, and power-washing the deck should be done every 1.5 years and costs $126 per task.

The most expensive task required to maintain home is to repair the subfloor, with an estimated yearly cost of $1,344. It’s estimated this will need to be done every 7.8 years. Replacing the pool filter system costs, on average, $772 per year, and needs to be done every 2.3 years. Water damage is estimated to cost $681 per year, and need to be done every 5.2 years. Cleaning the pool costs $649 per year, and needs to be done every 1.9 months and regrouting a shower costs $612 per year, and needs to be done every 4.7 years.

In Pennsylvania, the zip code where homeowners spend the most on maintenance is Gladwyne, where they spend, on average, $24,846. In Wilcox, homeowners spend the least on maintenance at $12,627.

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