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Pittsburgh Named Top City for LGBTQ+ Homebuyers

By: Kelly Leighton on in

Pittsburgh was named the best city for LGBTQ+ buyers by®.

The Steel City was applauded for its affordability. With a median list price of $299,050 in May 2021, Pittsburgh had the least expensive home prices on the list.

“You can still find a great starter home under $150,000 in several neighborhoods and some of those neighborhoods are within walking distance to exciting and thriving main streets,” said District 10 Vice President David Dean. “LGBTQIA+ buyers should use the many nonprofit community LGBTQIA+ organizations who can provide more in-depth resources like quality of life issues, medical and social support organizations and which neighborhoods are community-friendly.”

In addition to affordability, Pittsburgh offers a wide variety of gay culture, including an active arts and theater scene and the city also hosts the Pride Theater Festival and Pittsburgh International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.

“Living and working in the city of Pittsburgh as an LGBTQ+ individual myself, I can firsthand say I’m proud and not surprised to see the city of Pittsburgh named as the top place for homebuyers within this community. Each year, as Pride Month approaches, the city of Pittsburgh always does an excellent job of hosting inclusive events and you really see people from all walks of life coming out to support our community. It’s not just members of the LGBTQ+ community, it’s neighbors, friends, family, all the allies, and as I see it, tons of local small businesses do their part in welcoming these individuals into our neighborhoods. Furthermore, it doesn’t end once June is over. I see events and businesses being supportive and welcoming year-round,” said Brian Czapor, a Realtor® with Piatt Sotheby’s International Realty in Pittsburgh.

“Driving through so many parts of Pittsburgh while showing homes to clients, I frequently see the pride flags flying proudly throughout our city, whether it’s at a residential home or a local business. Although there’s always still work to be done in gaining equality for all, I know from selling to many LGBTQ+ clients, Pittsburgh is a welcoming city where anyone can find the right neighborhood to call home. There are a ton of LGBTQ+ owned businesses from local coffee shops, restaurants, bars, barbers, hair salons, etc., that anyone can find their go-to spots in and around town. I recently read a past client’s post on Facebook talking about how one of their neighbors politely gifted them a new pride flag since they noticed theirs was a bit sun-faded. How awesome is that?” added Czapor.

To determine the results,® analyzed states that had at least 2.5 married or co-habitating same-sex couples per 1,000 residents and then looked at cities that received a score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s annual Municipal Equality Index, where the LGBTQ advocacy group assesses equality in cities’ policies, laws, and services.

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Protected Classes in Real Estate

In Pennsylvania, several municipalities prohibit discrimination based on one’s sexual orientation or gender identity, as does the Realtor® Code of Ethics. However, this interpretation of the Fair Housing Act means that these protections are now the law of the land and applicable to most real estate transactions, regardless of the location and Realtor® involvement.

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