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Home designs that are attracting buyers now

By: Kelly Leighton on in

The results are in. Today, the most popular home designs are inviting, rustic and beachside home, according to a recent® promotional survey.

“We are seeing a shift in home design trends – leaving behind the glitz and glam for a more natural look – whether that may be a rugged barn with many textures or a serene beach-like feel,” said television host and lifestyle expert Jennifer Farrell. “Today’s style reflects today’s lifestyle and we’ve found that having a space for entertaining family and friends all year round is the number one trend.”

The inviting living space was described as a “welcoming atmosphere,” but one that included fun barware, ample seating and a large kitchen that would be perfect for parties. Twenty-three percent of more than 100,000 votes on® went towards this design.

Not far behind, rustic landed in second with 22 percent of the vote. Rustic is more of a nature style, with an emphasis on wood, stone, water and light. The design incorporates a mix of outside organic materials inside for a balance.

Finally, beachside charm landed in third at 21 percent for its’a “airy and breezy” look. The goal of this design is to make owners and visitors feel as though they really do have their toes in the sand and the ocean breeze on their face.

And what home designs is lacking this year? Both earthy and the soft satin and candlelight ambiance found in glamour designs did not attract many votes.

The results of the survey were found as a result of’s® “Get This Look” promotion, which allowed site visitors to vote for their favorite home design as part of an opportunity to win a $45,000 home makeover by Farrell.

What home design trends have you noticed lately?

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  • Dale Hart   November 5, 2015 at 11:06 am

    With tongue in cheek I would offer the observation that many, many homes in and around my base in the south-central PA market are and have been far ahead of the “rustic” style curve with its emphasis on wood, water, stone and light. Just stand at the center of downtown and walk as far as 1,000 house numbers in near any direction. I would venture to say the odds are high that nearby you will find homes with rotted WOOD sill plates and rafters, WATER intrusion into the basement and/or roof, parging on the laid-up STONE foundation falling to the floor and SUNLIGHT flowing into the living spaces through holes in the collapsing roof coverings. But have no fear our local contractors have seen it all before, and when they are finished I remember the words of a client, “it will be beautiful! “

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