Buyers, Take Advice From These Homeowners: Here Are Their Favorite Features of Their Own Homes

By Kelly Leighton | Jan. 19, 2023 | 2 min. read

When deciding what they want in a home, many homebuyers can be overwhelmed by what is a must-have and what features can be compromised.

They can take some advice from current homeowners. From a recent survey by Home Advisor, homeowners weighed in over what they love and hate about their homes. Overwhelmingly, homeowners agreed that their neighborhood is what they love most about their homes. Another 53% said they love the affordability of their property and 45% said their favorite part is their proximity to a city. And while many buyers prioritize the kitchen as their top room, 43% of homeowners said the living room is their favorite, followed by the bedroom at 21%. Kitchens were the favorite for just 10%. Ultimately, most homeowners said they like these rooms best, thanks to relaxation (64%), comfortability (58%) and spaciousness (38%).

Despite general content about their homes, homeowners did have some complaints. Nearly one-quarter said they hated the size of their home, while 11% equally disliked the layout and the distance from friends and family. Bathrooms were the least-liked room, at 23%, followed by the laundry room (21%) and the basement (14%). The size of the room (too small) was the biggest problem, said 47%, while 27% cited a poor layout and 24% said the room had an outdated style.

Most homeowners said if they renovated, they would do so for comfort. More than half said they would renovate to update their functionality and 47% would like to change the style. The top things homeowners would change included carpet, kitchen cabinets, kitchen counters, bathroom tile and bathroom vanity.

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