Boo! Would you live in a haunted house?

By Kelly Leighton | Oct. 31, 2018 | 2 min. read

Would you buy a house that could be haunted?

According to®, one-third of people would purchase a home that is haunted if there was a benefit. Millennials were most likely to allow ghosts as roommates, compared to other generations. Meanwhile, 18 percent of people said a house with spooky happenings wouldn’t impact their homebuying decisions. In fact, 44 percent of people moved into a property either knowing or suspecting that it was haunted, with men being more likely to move into a haunted home than women.

Fifteen percent of respondents would live in a haunted home for a cheaper price, while 9 percent would live in a haunted house for a better neighborhood or larger kitchen. Nearly half of people said absolutely nothing would make them buy a haunted house. Millennials were most likely to purchase a haunted house for a lower price, at 17 percent.

Actually, 40 percent of people reported they have already lived in a haunted house, mostly millennials (39 percent), and more likely to be male (32 percent) than female (20 percent).

What makes people think their house is haunted? Fifty-four percent said strange noises, while 45 percent had strange feelings. Don’t discount the pets, because 34 percent said their pet’s “strange” behavior led them to believe there was more going on in the home than meets the eye.

“In a competitive market, it’s harder for prospective buyers to be extremely selective,” said Danielle Hale, chief economist for®. “If a house is commensurately priced, or has desirable features, the fact that it may be haunted seems to matter less. This report shows that, for those looking for a good deal, a lower price, better neighborhood, or larger kitchen can balance out a few spooky happenings.”

Most respondents had limits though. Levitating objects, the feeling of being touched and ghost sightings are the happenings that would most likely influence owners to put the property on the market.

And if they do put their house on the market, 34 percent of people would tell potential buyers about the strange happenings, while 27 percent would tell them if they asked. Twenty-two percent would keep it to themselves, while 17 percent would say the house was haunted, but limit it to that.

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