One in Three Americans Concerned About Smart Home Hacking

By Hope Walborn | Jan. 24, 2024 | 2 min. read

Smart tech may be on the rise, but hacking remains a top concern for 1 in 3 Americans, according to a survey conducted by CraftJack.

When it comes to hacking hesitancies, those surveyed reported being most worried about Amazon Echos, security cameras, Google Nests, smart doorbells and smart TVs. While 42% monitor their homes with smart cameras, 1 in 4 worry that their cameras could be hacked.

For some, hacking is such a concern that they refuse to have certain smart home devices in their homes at all. The most common tech that Americans choose not to bring home are smart TVs, Amazon Echos, security cameras, Google Nests and smart locks.

When it comes to smart devices, a main worry for 76% of those surveyed was that their devices “listen” to them, with 61% believing that their tech is listening at all times. Perhaps this is because 62% have reported receiving a targeted ad after talking near a smart device.

Fear of smart tech eavesdropping has prompted 1 in 3 to turn off a device, and Americans are most concerned about spying from hackers and cybercriminals (35%), advertisers (16%) and the U.S. government (15%).

However, while some may be concerned about hacking, smart home tech remains popular. The majority of those surveyed (32%) reported owning six or more smart tech devices in their home. The most popular smart tech devices included smart TVs (63%), Amazon Echos (48%), smart doorbells (38%), smart lights (35%) and smart security cameras (31%). Also popular were smart thermostats, speakers, outlets, vacuums and locks.

On average, Americans spend $792 on smart tech devices and $125 on monthly smart tech subscriptions, but some (44%) find smart home devices hard to afford. Of those who own smart tech, 53% reported feeling safer because of it.

Some enjoy the convenience and ease of smart tech, while others avoid it due to privacy concerns. Whether smart home devices evoke feelings of security or distrust, Americans can take comfort in knowing that it’s their personal choice whether or not to bring them home.

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