New Year’s Resolutions: What Are Your Business Must-Dos for 2020?

By Kelly Leighton | Dec. 23, 2019 | 2 min. read

Hitting the gym, reading a book a week or developing better spending habits… sound familiar as we inch toward a new year?

Many, many people use Jan. 1 as a starting block to adopting a new habit or breaking an old, bad one. But what about your business? Have you ever thought of setting goals for your real estate career with a new year?

PAR President-elect Bill Festa’s resolution is to turn up his marketing. “I really want to use videos to be more productive in 2020,” he said.

PAR President Bill McFalls Jr., who spent much of 2020 traveling around the state representing PAR, plans to get back to business. “For 2020, I plan to get off the road doing PAR stuff and reintroduce myself to past clients to let them know that I am alive and ready to work for them,” he said. had some great suggestions for kickstarting your business at the start of January 2020. Taking feedback in stride was the first one. After closing, reach out to clients and see what exceeded their expectations and what didn’t and try to use that information to make your client interaction better than ever. Another one is to improve communication. Some people prefer texting, some people prefer emailing and some people prefer the phone. Find out how your clients want to communicate, strive to meet their needs and wants and always keep them updated.

Realtors® are a charitable group, just look at Realtors® Reach Out and Ring Day. Forbes suggests keeping the charitable spirit going year-round and give back throughout the 12 months.

Finally, balance. As Realtors®, the line between work and personal can become blurred, and it’s easy to never turn your phone off. Schedule blocks of time for yourself that don’t involve buying, selling and closings.

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