Huntingdon County Realtors® Provide Aid to Victims of Fire

By Kim Shindle | July 1, 2020 | 2 min. read

The Huntingdon County Board of Realtors® provided funds to support their local community after a devastating fire destroyed a business and apartment building in May. The blaze began at the Huntingdon Electric Motor and spread to an adjacent apartment building, the historic 100-year-old Blair House, leaving 100 residents, many who were elderly or disabled, homeless.

HCBR purchased food with a PAR Century of Service grant to help feed residents left homeless after the fire. The grants, being given during PAR’s 100th anniversary, allow local Realtor® organizations to help make a difference in their communities.

Because real estate was shut down, many residents were unable to find housing following the fire. The community reacted to this emergency and helped place the residents into various motels and homes. Twenty residents continue to live in two motels and are having a difficult time with daily essentials. The Huntingdon Soup Kitchen is helping facilitate the preparation of take-out meals for those in need due to the fire. The Huntingdon County Board purchased food and helped prepare and deliver meals to these residents.

“This tragic fire has left these people without their belongings, as a result of being quickly evacuated when the fire spread to their building,” said Tim Schrack, HCBR president. “The community has stepped up to help provide some relief to the residents and the Realtor® board wanted to lend some assistance as well.”

In addition, HCBR donated $500 to the Huntingdon Regional Fire/Rescue to help offset some of their expenses related to their response to the fire.

“Well-trained and equipped local fire companies are a community’s first line of defense against such a disaster,” Schrack said. “For many homeowners, their home one of their largest investments they make in their lifetimes. It’s hard to imagine losing that investment in a matter of minutes or hours, so it’s vital to help support our local fire companies and we encourage others to join in these efforts.”

Realtors® were involved in purchasing supplies, and delivering meals to those affected by the fire.

Taking part in the presentation are area Realtors® (from the left) Burgess Smith, Tim Schrack, Lori Beatty, association executive; Sherry Perow, Renee Starr and Kameron Starr.

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