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By Kelly Leighton | May 6, 2015 | 2 min. read

“Think about marketing every day,” advises Matt Fagioli, founder of the Xplode Conference.

Most people are more concerned with sales instead of marketing, but in reality, they should be more concerned with their marketing first, and then sales, he explained.

Fagioli advised first considering why you are practicing real estate. “If you know why you are doing it, your marketing will be better,” he said. “Your ‘why’ is what makes you interesting and attractive to others.”

One of the most important aspects of your marketing is your website. Fagioli said to make sure it is updated and informative. “Your website is everything,” he emphasized. Websites should be clean and professional, with a focus on the search option and clear contact information on every page. There should also be calls to action and landing pages, he said.

Also, perfect your pitch, he suggested. “You don’t need more than one or two sentences. Make sure it’s well-thought out and write it down. Practice it until it’s natural.”

Your social media presence is also crucial, he said. Facebook still rules, he said, and he believes Facebook advertisements are “incredible powerful and incredibly easy.”

The returns on Facebook ads has been “unbelievable,” he said, explaining the ads can target local people who have already shown interest in real estate.

However, he stressed the importance of not automating on the site. “Be yourself on Facebook,” he said.

Additionally, the younger generation is “really into Twitter,” which is a more interactive site, he said. And don’t forget about LinkedIn, which is also interactive. He said SnapChat and Pinterest don’t normally help in real estate, but if you’re interested in the sites, then go for it.

Ultimately, Fagioli said all these tips can help, but you have to go the extra mile. He stressed the importance of being clean, considerate and personable. And most importantly? “You answer the damn phone. Or at least call back.”

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