Six Mistakes Realtors® Make on Social Media

By Kelly Leighton | June 21, 2022 | 3 min. read

Sharing your home listing or just sold properties on social media can provide an extra boost to help you sell quicker or boost your brand. However, social media marketing can be complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. It can also be detrimental to your business if you aren’t using it properly.

Here are six common mistakes real estate agents make on social media that you can avoid:

Always selling instead of providing value. 

Social media is a great place to share your listings. Still, it’s an even better plan to connect with your audience. Instead of looking at your social media account as another sales tool or marketing tactic, look at it to grow your sphere of influence and connect with your current and future clients. Then, when you provide value, your audience will be more receptive to a sales pitch when you need to make one.

Not having a content plan.

Like anything with your business, it’s crucial to have a plan. And that holds for your social media. It’s essential to create a content plan to know what to post and when to post it. Without a plan, it’s more likely that you will lose track of your social media, costing you both business and income.

Having an inactive account.

One of the most common downfalls of not having a content plan is it can turn your account into a social media ghostland. When you stop posting, it tells your audience that your account is inactive. And when your account is inactive, you miss the opportunity to connect and grow your sphere of influence.

Sharing the wrong information. 

Oversharing or not sharing the right information could cause you to lose your audience. You need to view each post to provide value to help establish yourself as an expert in your local area. So instead of sharing every piece of information, get specific on the information your audience wants to know.

Not using images or videos in posts. 

Did you know that Facebook posts with an image have an 87% engagement rate on average? Now compare that with a text-only post that gets an average engagement of only 2%. Including images and videos on your social media helps make an impression with your audience, increasing your chances of being the professional they call when they need to buy or sell a home.

Scheduling manually instead of automating.

Real Estate Nexus, formerly Amarki, can help you learn about the value of automation. Scheduling software can make your real estate marketing on social media much more effortless. Manually entering every social media post is highly inefficient and archaic for a business. REN or other services can help you schedule, automate, and share your content, saving you time and effort.

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