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By Kim Shindle | April 7, 2020 | 3 min. read

The COVID-19 pandemic may have you feeling frustrated, stressed or depressed, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay there, according to Jon Gordon, author of Stay Positive.

“Now is a time when we can only control what we can control. We may feel frustrated, but we need to focus on what we can do,” Gordon said. Gordon is one of the 38 speakers for the online Power of Positive Summit, which is running through tomorrow.

For Realtors® working from home, he suggests there are several things you can do to work on your business.

For example, create a newsletter to provide your clients helpful information. Work on your website and improve your social media connections.

“In-person contact is always the best, but now’s the time to improve your online channels,” he added.

“Think about offering a free webinar to show your expertise,” he said. “I’ve lost a lot of business by not being able to speak at in-person meetings. I’ve channeled that into doing something positive so that more people are being exposed to me and other speakers through the Power of Positive Summit. We had 70,000 sign up and the speakers participating are providing them with value.”

During the great recession, Gordon spoke to many real estate companies. “One of the things I noticed when I attended those meetings during the recession was the rookie agents were winning awards, because they didn’t know about the ‘good old days.’ They were busy trying to make their own good old days. And there were veterans who didn’t want to change. You need to embrace the change and what you believe about the situation you will work to create.”

“The worst thing you can do is look back and say, ‘This was going to be a great year.’ You need to look forward,” he said. “Focus on four key words: survive, advance, adapt, thrive. You need to work on your business now to survive. To advance, work on things that will make your business better and adapt to keep moving forward. With all of this, we can thrive when the market comes back.”

Gordon, whose mother was a real estate agent, said, “Talk to yourself, don’t listen to yourself. Don’t listen to the negative thoughts. Instead speak words of encouragement and optimism to yourself so you can move forward in a positive way.”

“Stars are the brightest in the night,” he added. “You shine the most when you’re staying positive throughout this situation.”

You can sign up for the free seven-day Power of Positive Summit online and watch the previous videos. Gordon also has a daily email message that you can sign up for at

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