How Student Loan Debt Is Impacting Buyers

Twenty-nine percent of respondents with student loan debt reported it has impacted their ability to purchase a home, while 15% said it has limited their ability to rent alone or change their living circumstances.

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Exton Named One of the Best “Family-Friendly” Suburbs in the U.S.

“There are excellent biking, running and walking trails, beautiful parks of all sizes and styles, municipalities that are attentive to great activities of all types for residents and visitors, vibrant shopping, dining, services, good train service, access to major routes and, of course, a variety of wonderful housing. It’s a great place to be,” said Kathy McQuilkin, a past PAR president who works in the area.

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Smart Home Devices: Are They Worth It?

Nearly 70% of consumers said they use their smart home device more than they anticipated, with 59% using at least one particular feature more than they had expected.  Overall, 71% said they found the smart home devices more beneficial than they had originally anticipated.

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