NAR’s “First-Time Buyer” Show Returns with Season 4

By Hope Walborn | May 6, 2024 | 2 min. read

NAR’s television show “First-Time Buyer” is back with Season 4 and continues to follow real first-time homebuyers through the homebuying process while highlighting the expertise and guidance that Realtors® provide.

“Landing your first home in today’s real estate market is intimidating if you don’t have a winning strategy,” the “First-Time Buyer” site reads. “Watch as determined buyers navigate the complicated journey to homeownership by following the lead of an agent who’s a Realtor® on First-Time Buyer!”

The show now has a total of 32 episodes each clocking in at around 15 minutes. It has featured first-time buyers in various cities across the country, including Phoenix, Nashville, Denver, Kansas City, Houston, Tampa and more. This season, the spotlight is on buyers in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Chicago.

The first episode of Season 4 focuses on first-generation homebuyers Noorain and Brandon, who are ready to leave their West Coast rental and settle down in Oklahoma City. Realtor® Trenesha specializes in new construction and is ready to help guide Noorain and Brandon through the process of buying their first home.

“The reason I love working with first-time buyers is they come in not knowing anything about the steps, and I really get to put my education hat on and teach them about the process,” Trenesha says.

“For us, representation is really important,” Brandon says. Noorain adds, “Trenesha understood, as both people of color being in an interracial relationship, just the generational wealth that we’re building and all the different struggles that come with that and how to overcome that, especially as first-time homeowners. Just the empathy, the understanding, the connection – it was all there in our first very phone call.”

To see how Trenesha uses her Realtor® expertise to help guide Noorain and Brandon to first-time homeownership, or to watch more episodes of “First-Time Buyer,” stream the show on Hulu or

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