Pa. Among the Top Outbound States for Movers in 2023

By Hope Walborn | May 15, 2024 | 1 min. read

Pennsylvania was the third most outbound state in 2023, with 57% of moves being out of the commonwealth, according to a study by North American Van Lines.

Last year, the number of individuals who moved decreased 12% compared to 2022. Movers were most drawn to warmer states, including:

  1. South Carolina (67% inbound)
  2. Tennessee (64%)
  3. North Carolina (64%)
  4. Arizona (55%)
  5. Florida (51%)

States where movers most left were:

  1. Illinois (62% outbound)
  2. California (62%)
  3. Pennsylvania (57%)
  4. Minnesota (56%)
  5. Washington (55%)

Pennsylvania has remained on the leading outbound list for more than a decade, and this data is comparable to 2022’s migration data.

With more people working remotely (27% nationwide), many Americans now have the freedom to move out of state. Further, high costs of living are driving more people to move out of larger cities and urban areas to favor smaller metros, towns and rural regions with lower expenses. Conversely, high costs of living, home prices and rent may also be factors that contributed to the decrease in moving volume last year.

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