What are the most common repairs that show up in home inspections?

By Kelly Leighton | March 4, 2019 | 2 min. read

According to a recent report from Repair Pricer, the average home inspection report showed more than $11,000 in needed repairs. The study analyzed more than 50,000 home inspection reports.

The report found that, on average, homes studied required more than 20 repairs, so the cost of repairs could add up quickly. The average price per repair is just under $550.

The most common repair is doors that need adjusting. Fifty-five percent of houses in the report had doors that needed adjusting, which could be an indicator of foundation issues, according to the report. The average cost for this is about $254. Servicing faucets and heads is the second most common repair needed, with nearly 55 percent of homes expected to shell out around $273 to fix it.

More than half of homes did not have exterior caulking and sealant, which makes them more likely to obtain water damage. The average cost for this is around $310. Deficient outlets and switches were also a problem for 53.7 percent, and cost, on average $248.

The most expensive repair, and one found in nearly 10 percent of homes, is a roof that is at the end of its serviceable life, which costs close to $10,000 to repair. Another expensive repair is the coil and condenser at the end of serviceable life, which was present in 10.7 percent of homes and cost nearly $6,000 to repair. A heating unit that needs to be replaced is another pricey one, found in 10 percent of homes, and costing close to $4,000.

These are a few features of a home to check out before your seller puts it on the market, saving both of you a headache.

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