PA Department of Revenue Warns Businesses of Scam

By Kelly Leighton | Aug. 15, 2022 | 2 min. read

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue is warning businesses of a new scam that is attempting to defraud businesses.

According to the department, scammers are sending letters with the Department of Revenue’s name and logo to businesses requesting accounting records. The letters claim that the individual is under investigation for not paying state taxes for their business and is thus facing penalties. It then instructors the person to contact a “resolution officer” via a listed phone number to provide accounting records from a professional.

By obtaining these records, the scammers are able to access sensitive information, which could allow them to make unauthorized transactions, request fraudulent tax refunds and apply for loans under the name of the business, according to the Department of Revenue.

How do you know if you really received a letter from the department? Check with their online customer service center to confirm, look for inconsistencies or vague language, check the department’s website to confirm a name, telephone number or address is correct.

Additionally, the department will always use your name in official business and not address you as “business owner,” as well as refer to specific details. Something from the Department of Revenue will also always include a return address and not demand you do something immediately.

“This is another example of the fact that fraudsters are working every day on scams just like this one so that they can steal from hardworking Pennsylvanians,” Revenue Secretary Dan Hassell said at a press conference.

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