Monthly Member Profile: Beverly Pietrandrea

By Kim Shindle | Aug. 2, 2019 | 4 min. read

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Name: Beverly Pietrandrea
Company: Bovard-Anderson Real Estate Company, Beaver
Years in real estate: 15
Specialty: Residential
Local association: Beaver County Association of Realtors®
Title: Associate broker
Designations: CNE, GREEN, SRES

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to the start of your career?
More education. Education for me is one of the most important things a Realtor® can do for themselves and their clients.

Why do you love being a Realtor®?
It gives me the opportunity to be involved in the community. Working with clients to educate them on buying or selling a home, so they can make a solid decision that will affect their future. I love the knowledge I gain concerning the legal and professional aspects of the multiple professions that are involved with the transaction. Furthermore, I enjoy working with a variety of professionals in the areas that affect this field such as local, state and national government.

What do you attribute your success to?
I receive tremendous support from my husband and from my outstanding assistant, my son, Adam. My past clients that have given me great referrals. I also have had the opportunity to be employed by a well-known and established brokerage in Beaver County, Bovard-Anderson Real Estate Company, a family-owned firm for over 115 years. In addition, my success can also be attributed to the guidance of my broker, Ed McLaughlin and his wife and partner, Jacqueline C.  McLaughlin. Mainly, I thank God for all the blessings he has given me to succeed. Just a note, we should all look at life the way my son does. He sees the good in everyone with a smile on his face which is hard to do all the time, but he seems to have achieved it.

What is the biggest challenge you face being a Realtor®?
It’s actually educating the buyers and sellers on the whole process, to ensure they understand the process, because sometimes it can be unpleasant. It’s important to remember that in due time, it all plays out and it works out the way it should. Also, educating the public regarding the need for a Realtor® because it’s not a do-it-yourself process. Many people today, whether millennials or seniors, believe they can do it without us until they run into a little bit of a snag. Then, they pick up the phone, only to discover it’s too late. Also, another challenge is to have all Realtors® understand we all should treat each other professionally and with a high level of respect.

What made you become more involved in your local, state or national associations?
I want to be part of the future and I want to educate myself. Beaver County is truly in a growing stage and I want the county and local governments, along with potential clients, to know we are truly the voice of real estate. We’re the knowledgeable professionals.

How has being involved helped your business?
I believe if the clients know that I’m involved, I can answer their questions and if I do not know the answer, I will have an avenue to find out the answer. They also come to me because they know that if I don’t have an answer, I’ll go out and find the truth so we can move forward on a positive note.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
I play tennis. I should say senior tennis.

What do you do when you’re not selling real estate?
I started a little business with my son, Adam, who has Down syndrome. We started a company called, “Adam P’s Nut Roll.” We bake and we sell nut rolls and other cookies for all occasions. My husband and I travel as much as we can, so our son can see all the beautiful wonders God created in this world.

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