Keeping pets safe during home renovations

By Kelly Leighton | July 4, 2017 | 2 min. read

As discussed last week, summer is a big time for renovations and home DIY projects.

But for those clients with pets, what can they do to make sure their pet stays safe during home projects? It’s probably not something most homeowners even consider, but nearly everyone considers their pet a part of the family, and it’s important to make sure they are OK during a home improvement project.

Rob Jackson, co-founder and CEO of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, said the most important thing homeowners should do is make a plan for their pets. “Leaving things to chance puts your pets at risk for an accident or injury. Taking the time to create a safe space for your pets ensures they won’t get into toxic substances, escape while workers are coming in or out, or be near any hazardous materials. Keep them out of harm’s way in a separate room or in a kennel, or have them stay with a friend or in a pet hotel for absolute safety,” he advised.

If there are professionals working on renovations, Jackson said to introduce your pet to them first, so your pet becomes familiar with their scent. “Pet-proofing” your home will also help. Jackson also suggested reminding the crew not to leave doors open, and to keep potentially poisonous materials out of reach.

“You can create a safe room in your house; your dog may feel safest in a crate, and a cat would probably love to hide under the bed” said Jackson. “Take a room that is farthest away from the hustle and bustle and make it the ‘special pet room.’ So, for example, if you’re working on the upstairs bathroom, designate a room downstairs or vice versa. Play soft music, stock their favorite treats and toys or hide treats in nooks and crannies for a scavenger hunt. Renovator pro pet parents also say that they can easily work on dog training if the safe room is far enough away from the noise.”

In case a situation does arise, make sure you have the emergency vet phone number easily accessible.

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