How to Protect Yourself From Cyber Crimes

By Kelly Leighton | Nov. 1, 2022 | 2 min. read

Keeping your business and your clients safe from data compromises is a daily endeavor.  

“It’s so important for you to be aware and to train everyone in the office so they know what information to keep, what to destroy and how to destroy it,” said Lisa Scoble, vice president of program business at Pearl Insurance. “Brokers, agents and employees need education on how to best protect the business.” 

Scoble suggests to first destroy any personal information you do not need and ensure you do it properly.  

“The less personal information you keep, the less you have to be concerned about,” she added. “Data that is needed should be safeguarded, kept encrypted and limited solely to those involved in the transaction who must access it. If you have physical files with delicate information, those should be kept in a locked cabinet.” 

Clients, brokers and agents should be wary of phishing scams.  

“Make sure you’re talking with your clients about cybersecurity,” Scoble said. “Encourage clients to confirm with the person the email looks to be from before sending money or downloading something. Remind them to call you directly if someone is requesting a transfer of funds to ensure it’s going to the proper place.” 

In phishing or scam email, the subject line is generally something urgent, there are often spelling errors and/or the person is asking for something unusual. Scammers can also call, pretending to be with a government agency or other official organization.  

“Never give out personal information unless you were able to confirm the caller is who they say they are,” Scoble said. “While changing passwords frequently may feel like a pain, it is something that is truly important to throw off scammers.” 

Finally, do you have a plan for what your organization would do if you do get hacked and clients’ or employees’ information is stolen? It’s important to know who you should notify and how to report the attack.  

Ensure you are prepared for the unknown. Review your errors and omissions insurance options with Pearl Insurance. 

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