How to deal with difficult clients

By Kelly Leighton | Dec. 8, 2017 | 2 min. read

“A terrible thing to do is give people too many choices,” said Kate Zabriskie, president of Business Training Works, Inc., a Maryland-based talent development firm. Zabriskie offers her tips on dealing with tough-to-please clients.

“It’s harder to make a decision. If you narrow the scope, the better off you will do, it gives you more control. This won’t work with everyone, but it usually does. In real estate, people may think they want one thing, but they actually don’t want that,” she added. “Help people decide what’s important for them. Learn what they are trying to achieve and what they really want in a home.”

Zabriskie said that when dealing with a difficult client, it’s important to listen to them thoroughly. “You don’t have to agree with them. We get so busy and irritated with difficult people, rather than try to understand them. We need to slow down to that. It doesn’t mean that they’re happy, but they wont keep trying to get their points across,” she said. “However, if a client is not happy, and you’re not happy, it’s best to not work together, especially when there are plenty of other customers. Stop and don’t waste your time. Be happy.”

And as for the popular adage about the customer is always right, Zabriskie said that is most certainly not true. “The customer is not always right. As long as the customer is not rude, we can help them get to an answer that makes sense. If somebody is abusive, don’t put up with that.”

Unrealistic expectations are not uncommon in real estate, which can lead to unhappy clients. Zabriskie suggested that you educate your consumers on market values in your area, and teach them to keep it unemotional.

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