How CRM Can Help Your Real Estate Business

By Kim Shindle | Oct. 4, 2022 | 3 min. read

A real estate customer relationship management system can help you connect with your clients and potential clients, improve client retention and strengthen their loyalty. If you’re not using the most recent technology to help with lead and contact management, you may be missing out on more efficient ways to generate more business and maintain relationships with your existing clients.

Without using a CRM, you may find there are gaps in your business, which lead to a fragmented experience for your clients. You may also be missing opportunities for new business and spending more time managing your communication with clients.

As buyers and sellers begin their real estate transaction online, it’s even more important for you to improve your communication with your clients and potential clients. A dedicated CRM helps increase your contact with clients with something as simple as a happy birthday note, to more rapid responses throughout the transaction and beyond.

Many CRMs can be customized to any size real estate business and more advanced systems can help you:

  • Provide lead generation.
  • Create integrated IDX website.
  • Qualify leads based on consumers’ online visits.
  • Manage your communication with clients.
  • Ensure transactions and commissions happen smoothly.

BoomTown, a top-user-rated real estate CRM and a PAR sponsor, can help you and your clients get from click to close efficiently and seamlessly.

New technology can be overwhelming, but clients who use BoomTown frequently note how simple the system is to use.

“The deep integration between the front-end BoomTown solution and back-end Brokermint solution, and the efficiency gains and holistic company view that it delivers, are changing the game,” said Chad Priest, broker in charge of The Flowertown Group. “Unlike other integrations that still require manual updates and maintenance, this includes all of our data from transactions and commissions to contact data and user information, so we can confidently manage every front-office and back-office task in one place.”

You’ll also want to ensure that your CRM system speaks the same language as the other systems in the office. BoomTown recently acquired Brokermint, the leading back-office software, and announced a reimagined integration between the two solutions.

These two systems offer real estate professionals streamlined transaction management, accounting, commission automation, e-signature and more to create an automated workflow. You’ll find that these integrated systems will provide you with the tools you need to close transactions faster, get paid faster and eliminate repetitive data entry.

With coordinated office communication, everyone will have access to meaningful data which allows:

  • Agents to see commission goals and status.
  • Brokers to see active opportunities and monthly projections.
  • Transaction coordinators to see the status of every deal.
  • Accounting managers to get a bird’s eye view into the entire operation.

Build your “click-to-close-and-beyond” real estate business with BoomTown.

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